Excavator Hire Short & Long Term

Excavator Hire

Renfrey Plant Hire Services have an extensive, modern, well-equipped and serviced fleet of hydraulic excavators with a huge selection of buckets and attachments.

The excavator hire range comprises Caterpillar, Volvo and Hitachi machinery to suit your heavy earthmoving needs.

Excavator Hire Range

  • 20 Tonne – 67 Tonne


  • Zero Swing
  • Long Reach
  • Prolec – learn more
  • Mine Specification
  • IVMS

Excavator Attachments

We provide over 150 individal buckets and excavator attachments including:

  • Compaction Wheels
  • Vibration Plates
  • Grader Blades – learn more
  • Buckets (Trim, GP, Trench)
  • Sieve Buckets
  • Tilt Buckets
  • Ripper Tynes
  • Auger Drives
  • Hammers

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If you’re interested in purchasing excavator attachments, please visit www.renex.com.au