Our Vision & Values

Renfrey Plant Hire Services

Our Vision

Our vision is to be State leader in the provision of plant and equipment hire services.

We achieve this by building on Renfrey Plant Hire Services’s tradition of providing quality service and value for our clients and opportunities and a team-orientated environment for our staff.

Our Values


Excellence is the foundation upon which we will achieve our vision. The way in which we act and work together and with our clients reflects our culture of;

High Standards Quality

Long term returns are only achieved through the best work and providing superior value to our clients.


Central to our success is our commitment to serve our clients. They are the core of our business; we are driven to serve them with constant dedication.

Fulfilment of Our People

Renfrey’s people are its most important asset and as such it believes it must be a safe and fulfilling place to work with opportunities to improve and develop skills.


Renfrey Plant Hire Services is one organisation, with one goal and one reputation. To succeed we must work together cooperatively, constructively and harmoniously.


Our success depends upon the maintenance of our reputation for service, honesty and our ability to fulfil our promises.